Celtic Rock Band
Black Murray Band
Celtic Music
Celtic Music
Celtic Music (July 16 & 17)
Lads On The Lash
Celtic Music (July 23-24)

Combat Groups

Knights of the New Order
Detroit Fight Club
Michigan Medieval Combat Assoc.
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Stage Acts

The Idiot Ric Roc
The Rogue Blades
Knotty Bits Pirate Circus Show
One Spirit
Ample & Trite
Captain Sean
Lady of the Lake

Royal Court

Mary Queen of Scots
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
2nd Husband to Mary, Queen of Scots
Mary Beaton
Mary Queen of Scots’ Ladies in Waiting, Royal Court
Mary Fleming
Mary Queen of Scots’ Ladies in Waiting, Royal Court
Mary Seton
Mary Queen of Scots’ Ladies in Waiting, Royal Court
Mary Livingston
Mary Queen of Scots’ Ladies in Waiting, Royal Court
The Royal Harold
Royal Court

Lane Performers

Seafoam the Bubble Fairy
Copper Soldier Living Statues
Oliver The Ogre
Happy Little Heathens
Mousetrap Puppets - Punch and Judy
Woodland Fairy
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Roaming Minstrels

Panda Pete
The Highland Piper
A Reasonable Facsimile

Living History Groups

Antlers & Anvils
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Auditioning for the Canterbury Village Medieval Faire is easy!

We, at Canterbury Village, are driven to offer our patrons an event with quality entertainment focused on education and family fun for all ages. With this in mind, we are in search of entertainers and acts to fill multiple stages and roles that will make the 2023 Canterbury Medieval Faire a memorable event.

From lane performers that engage our guests to bands and acts that draw our crowds to the stages, classic jousters and medieval knights in armed combat to Witch hunters, fire eaters and fortune tellers, we are looking for all forms of entertainment that will help create an exciting experience for all.

If you are interested in joining the Canterbury Village Medieval Faire Entertainment Team, where you can bring to life the magic and mystery of the past to our present, then let us know by taking the first step by sending us your name, email address, phone, history and a brief description on what you would like to do at the faire…

Send this along with any video links you may have to:  Canterbury Village Auditions ( or send a PM.

Escape Room Novi – Dragon’s Lair Escape Room

You and your group of adventurers have unfortunately found yourselves magically transported into a Dragon’s lair! How did you get there, why are you here and more importantly how will all of you escape before the beast returns! With so many mystical options, we certainly hope you won’t become an appetizer for the Drago! Adding more to your challenge you find yourselves not only working to save your lives but now find out that you all are being tested in a battle of skill and whit by the Wizard of Canterbury. If you fail you will be consumed in the dragon’s fire and your village destroyed - burnt to a crisp. But, if you succeed, you and your friends will live to see another day.

Rangers of Asgard - Battlefield Skills Challenge

Here is your chance to test and hone your skills with the ax and bow at the Battlefield Skills Challenge games area!!! Impress your friends and family with your ax wielding capabilities like Ragnar Lothbrok or pick up the bow and put an arrow into the bullseye like Robin Hood.

Test your skills at Ax throwing and Archery, see if you have what it takes to become a Viking warrior or Medieval Foot Long Bowman, if nothing else you will most certainly have fun at the faire!!!

Be sure you get your tickets early so that you can guarantee that you can enjoy this historic event at Canterbury Village in Lake Orion.